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Kids Drawing

Art Lessons

The staff at Country Mouse loves to get creative with art. The children explore creative expression in fun ways. The teachers come up with new crafts all the time to keep young minds engaged. Your fridge will be full of your child's creations in no time!

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Imaginative Play

Structure and guidance are important in adolescent growth. However, creative free play is also very important in child development. All kids are unique and have different God-given gifts and abilities. At Country Mouse we encourage imaginative play to bring out each child's innate beauty and giftedness. 

Kids Running

Outdoor Play

In this modern screen filled world, we believe that outdoor play is essential to proper child development. We have recently added an expansive second playground for the older kids to have plenty of room for fun. It is a natural playground with features like climbing logs and a hill complete with a tunnel. Other features include a four-person swing set and water features. Other improvements include a new large play structure on the attached playground and brand-new surfacing for extra safety.


Interactive Learning

The Staff at Country Mouse takes preschool learning seriously. The preschool teachers have a passion for teaching and CDA credentials. We take creative approaches that are both fun for kids and great for developing young minds. You can rest easy knowing your children will be ready for kindergarten. 

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