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All classrooms are at full capacity.
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Country Mouse is a family owned and operated small business dedicated to serving local families in the community. At CMCC, your child will experience a unique country setting on 7 nature filled acres offering an engaging atmosphere where they can explore and develop a sense of curiosity and learning. Country Mouse has been a fixture of the community for 28 years and continues to provide excellent care.

Our Mission

At Country Mouse, we value each child and family we serve. Our center experience is designed to promote a child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. As caregivers and educators, our mission is to provide a safe and developmentally appropriate learning environment, which fosters a child’s instinct to explore, discover, create and become a lifelong learner.


We strive to provide an environment that fosters curiosity and a love for learning. Country Mouse is a safe and nurturing place where your child will be encouraged to build, pretend and create their way to exciting discoveries about the world around them. We allow children to join the Country Mouse Family as an infant and to stay with us throughout their preschool years. We offer a before and after care program for older siblings grades K-4th. Your child will be provided with learning opportunities adapted to fit his/her age, developmental stage, and learning style. Full-day, year-round care and all-day preschool in one location makes it possible for you to provide your child with the care and education that will help them become happy, healthy, lifelong learners.


Developing a Love of Learning

We want your children to grow into individuals who love learning. We are conscious of each of the children’s learning styles. This ensures that children are learning in their own way and in their own time which makes learning fulfilling instead of “work”. Your child is learning kindergarten skills now. We incorporate STEAM (science, art, and math) through exciting activities. Children build social-emotional skills through play and communication.

Get Updates Through Brightwheel

We are proud to use Brightwheel to stay connected to parents in real time. It is the top-rated program for early childhood educators. Stay up to date on your child's day with photos from their teachers. Stay in the loop with all their milestones and achievements, so you never miss a moment.  


Highly Trained Teachers Offer Love and Guidance

At CMCC, we have a passionate team of teachers with education in early childhood development that makes every student and family feel at home. We offer a safe and friendly atmosphere focused on growth and develompment.  

A Big Yard for Daily Outdoor Play

Your Child enjoys fun in the fresh air every day. Activities include nature walks, gardening, biking on the circle drive. Older children experience driving on the electric jeeps and learn important motor skills. Seasonal activities include sledding in the winter and water play in the summer.

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